Royal Commission

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
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The Royal Commission Terms of Reference


Submission No 1 – Commonwealth Royal Commission

COIN Submission No 1 – Achieving damages for Catholic Church sexual assault through civil action in the Courts: Catholic Church Property Trusts legislation

COIN Submission No 2 – Prosecuting the Catholic Church Hierarchy for “covering up” child sexual abuse by priests: General Principles

COIN Submission No 3 – Mandatory Reporting in relation to a religious rite known as the Sacrament of Penance within the Catholic faith

COIN Submission No 4 – Vicarious Liability and the Catholic Church

COIN Submission No 5 – Corporation Sole and the Catholic Church

COIN Submission No 6 – Limitation of Actions and Access to Justice

COIN Submission No 7 – The RCC’s Towards Healing, Melbourne Response & Financial Arrangements

COIN Submission No 8 – Prosecuting the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy for aiding and abetting sexual assault of children by catholic clergy

Additional material as part of Submission No 8 – Advice from Mr Nicholas Papas, SC

COIN Submission No 9 – Redress Schemes: A Reparations Tribunal for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse – “VOCSART”

COIN Submission No 10 – Response to Consultation Paper: Redress and Civil Litigation 10 March 2015