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JOY FM Podcast of Word for Word Interview with Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen AM QC and Dr Joseph Poznanski (Psychologist)

Published Articles
“Confession must be subject to mandatory reporting”,Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen and Dr Joseph Poznanski (The Age, Mar 26 2014)

“Church ‘no better than bikie gangs’”, (The Age, May 17 2013)

“Barrister lambasts Catholic Church”, Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen (Financial Review, February 15 2013)

“Old habits die hard”, Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen (The Age, September 26 2012)

“We need answers”, Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen (The Age, September 19 2012)

George Pell puts abuse at arm’s length, Jared Owens (The Australian, Aug 24, 2012)

“Too little, too late”, Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen’s response to the appointment of Justice Frank Vincent & ex-police commissioner Mal Hyde.(The Age, Aug 16, 2012)

Frank McGuire MP for Broadmeadows and member of the Parliamentary Committee Inquiring into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Organisations, calls for an independent inquiry (Herald-Sun, July 19, 2012)

Hell on Earth (The Age, June 25, 2012)

Abuse inquiry a cruel and cynical farce (The Age,June 16, 2012)

Articles written by COIN members

Australian Lawyers Alliance Victorian State Conference, Lorne May 2013: Australian Inquiries into Institutional Response to the Sexual Abuse of Children

“Why an Inquiry” by Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen

“Pain and Travesty” by Joseph Poznanski

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Report to Supporters 28 March 2012

Publications of Relevance

The Cummins J Inquiry into Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children reported to the Victorian government in late February. Recommendation 48 calls for “a formal investigation” into the responses of “religious organizations . .. to the criminal abuse of children by religious personnel.”

Vicorian Church Statements
Victorian Church Officals’ Statement Aug 21, 2012